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Internet business: your online store

E-commerce is one of the most prosperous sectors of activity globally. In Spain , 72% of Internet users make a purchase online every month. Regarding the most sold categories in electronic commerce are the following: fashion, electronic devices, food and entertainment.   technologyify   5 mistakes to avoid if you want your online store to be successful If you have an online store , there are a number of mistakes that you must avoid in order for it to be successful. At Anexia we can offer you the best technology and quality solutions, 100% adapted to your business.  worldbeautytips Unrepresentative domain One of the first decisions you must make when you consider creating an online store is the domain name. It should be easy to remember , but at the same time original and, above all, representative of your brand . Users have to know through it what you are selling to generate a certain brand awareness and thus gain potential customers.  technologyford Non-personalized purchase
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Keys to a successful online store

During the third quarter of 2019, the turnover of electronic commerce in Spain reached 12,493 million euros, 23.5% more than in the same period of 2018. 210.6 million operations were registered. If you also want to be part of this sector, from Anexia Tecnología we give you the main keys to building a successful online store. Domain One of the first judgements you must make regarding the online store is the domain. The name must faithfully represent both the brand and the mission of the business. Simple and easy to remember duty . Although until not long ago keywords were the most important thing when defining a strategy for any project on the Internet, today Google does not take them so much into account. Therefore, nothing to abuse the keywords . As for the domain extension, it all depends on where you plan to sell your products and / or services: if it is nationwide, .es; and if it is global, .com.  techwadia   Product descriptions Product descriptions are the main sales forc

Sell ​​your products online thanks to an online store

The  e - commerce  is one of the growth sectors of the economy better globally. Both sales and turnover figures do not stop growing, which makes many people decide to set up  their own online store  and become entrepreneurs. Now, the process to sell and be successful is not as simple as some believe.  You have to work on multiple aspects and develop a long-term strategy to  optimize the purchasing process for customers. Create valuable content and improve SEO positioning Working on  SEO  is one of the most important aspects of all, taking into account that  more than 70% of users turn to search engines like Google  when locating a product. Consequently, the first thing to keep in mind is that visits from search engines are the main base of traffic that an online store receives. You must build a good  SEO strategy  , both online and offline, to sneak into the top positions of search results.   Find the best market niche Before setting up your  online store  you have to decide wh

Opening an online store is easier than it sounds

E-commerce is the present and the future. The figures for both sales and billing of online stores do not stop increasing. If you also want to open your own business online , you should know that it is much easier than it seems at first. Next, we explain a series of basic aspects that you should take into account.   technologyify   5 tips to open an online store and be successful Domain and hosting One of the first things you should do in the process of opening an online store is to choose a good domain. Both the name of the store in question and the domain should be easy to remember and write , taking into account who your target audience is . Of course, they must be descriptive, indicating what the business activity is.  worldbeautytips As for web hosting, you must find a provider that offers you guarantee and quality . Remember that the speed of the online store is essential, both for users and for Google. So do not skimp on expenses in this regard because cheap can end up be

Website Creation: What is a Dynamic Website?

Until relatively recently, practically 100% of web pages were static. Pages built with HTML whose content could not be updated frequently. Parallel to the development of the Internet, dynamic web pages emerged, which do  allow content to be updated quickly and easily  , without the need to have knowledge of the HTML language. What are the advantages of a dynamic website? This type of web page offers a great selection of advantages, both for companies and users. The possibilities offered by dynamic sites are endless. You can develop  corporate websites, online stores, blogs  ... One of the most outstanding features of this type of page is that adding content and modifying it is very simple. From the point of view of  SEO positioning  , one of the main pillars of Digital Marketing today, Google values ​​the  constant updating of content  very positively when positioning a page in search results. To all this we must add that a dynamic web page has a  responsive  design , that is

What exactly is a web app?

Submissions are part of the daily life of more and more people in the middle of the digital age. Although we are used to using them on mobile devices, the truth is that there are also some  applications suitable for computers  . We are talking ab out the web app, which, as its name suggests, runs in the web browser.    bacobolts.yictic The  web app  is based on JavScript, CSS or HTML, three of the most popular programming languages ​​in the world. It is loaded on the web server and runs in the browser, so it does not require any type of installation. In addition, you can create a bookmark to directly access the application from your computer desktop. The range of web apps is very wide: browser games, program adaptations, small tools ...    construction-bolts.tockhop What are the advantages of the web app? The most prominent advantage of web applications is that they  do not require installation  . Therefore, users can enjoy them without consuming memory of their mobile device or

Internet shopping fired: time to create your online store

If you want to start your own professional career as an entrepreneur, you should know that e-commerce is one of the sectors of activity with the best prospects for the future. Forecasts indicate that in the year  2040 95% of the purchases that will be made around the world will be through the Internet  . In 2017, e-commerce had a global turnover of 2.3 billion dollars, and it is expected that next year 2021 this figure will double, reaching 4.5 billion dollars. At  Anexia Tecnología   we offer you the most innovative hardware and software solutions for your business. We put our technical and human resources at your disposal, offering you a comprehensive service with which you will be fully satisfied. Electronic commerce in the world What position does Spain occupy in the list of penetration of electronic commerce? The 18th place: 72% of Spanish Internet users have made an online purchase in the last month. The countries with the maximum percentage of users who make use of e-comme