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Internet business: your online store

E-commerce is one of the most prosperous sectors of activity globally. In Spain , 72% of Internet users make a purchase online every month. Regarding the most sold categories in electronic commerce are the following: fashion, electronic devices, food and entertainment.   technologyify   5 mistakes to avoid if you want your online store to be successful If you have an online store , there are a number of mistakes that you must avoid in order for it to be successful. At Anexia we can offer you the best technology and quality solutions, 100% adapted to your business.  worldbeautytips Unrepresentative domain One of the first decisions you must make when you consider creating an online store is the domain name. It should be easy to remember , but at the same time original and, above all, representative of your brand . Users have to know through it what you are selling to generate a certain brand awareness and thus gain potential customers.  technologyford Non-personalized purchase

Internet shopping fired: time to create your online store

If you want to start your own professional career as an entrepreneur, you should know that e-commerce is one of the sectors of activity with the best prospects for the future. Forecasts indicate that in the year 2040 95% of the purchases that will be made around the world will be through the Internet . In 2017, e-commerce had a global turnover of 2.3 billion dollars, and it is expected that next year 2021 this figure will double, reaching 4.5 billion dollars.

At Anexia TecnologĂ­a we offer you the most innovative hardware and software solutions for your business. We put our technical and human resources at your disposal, offering you a comprehensive service with which you will be fully satisfied.

Electronic commerce in the world

What position does Spain occupy in the list of penetration of electronic commerce? The 18th place: 72% of Spanish Internet users have made an online purchase in the last month. The countries with the maximum percentage of users who make use of e-commerce are: Indonesia (86%), China (82%) and Germany (81%). The global average is 75%, so that Spain is slightly below the average.

If there is something that really stands out, it is that the gap between e-commerce and m-commerce (mobile commerce) is decreasing. The growth of e-commerce through mobile devices is exponential, especially in Indonesia, China and Thailand. Worldwide, the percentage of Internet users who make their purchases on the Internet through their mobile phone or tablet is 55%, an all-time high . As for Spain, it is 40%, so there is still a long way to go in this field.

Evolution of electronic commerce in Spain

Approximately 70% of Spaniards shop through the Internet regularly, and 92% of Internet users have made at least one purchase in the last year. The users between 35 and 45 years are the most active e - commerce in Spain.

The increasing penetration of the electronic market in Spain is explained by a number of reasons. First, the improvement of payment security. Second, the very competitive prices found in online stores. And, thirdly, to the accessibility to any product or service.

To all this we must add the logistics. Just a few years ago, it was normal for a certain item to take between two and three weeks to reach your home. Meanwhile, at present it is possible that it will arrive in just between 12 and 24 hours.

The main drivers when making an online purchase are, in this order: convenience, offer and price . Although at the moment the Spanish still prefer to make their purchases on the computer, the advance of m-commerce (mobile commerce) is unstoppable.

What are the best-selling categories?

If you want to set up your own online store, you are sure to be interested in knowing which are the best-selling e-commerce categories. Well , fashion and beauty items have been leading the sector for several years , with a turnover of 524.9 billion dollars in 2019. The second place in the ranking is for electronic devices (392.6 billion dollars). And, in third position, hobbies and toys ($ 386.2 billion).

As you can see, the growth of electronic commerce around the world is unstoppable. Setting up an online store is an excellent business opportunity. If you bet on it, put yourself in the hands of the best professionals for its development and implementation. We are waiting for you at Anexia TecnologĂ­a .

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