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Internet business: your online store

E-commerce is one of the most prosperous sectors of activity globally. In Spain , 72% of Internet users make a purchase online every month. Regarding the most sold categories in electronic commerce are the following: fashion, electronic devices, food and entertainment.   technologyify   5 mistakes to avoid if you want your online store to be successful If you have an online store , there are a number of mistakes that you must avoid in order for it to be successful. At Anexia we can offer you the best technology and quality solutions, 100% adapted to your business.  worldbeautytips Unrepresentative domain One of the first decisions you must make when you consider creating an online store is the domain name. It should be easy to remember , but at the same time original and, above all, representative of your brand . Users have to know through it what you are selling to generate a certain brand awareness and thus gain potential customers.  technologyford Non-personalized purchase

Opening an online store is easier than it sounds

E-commerce is the present and the future. The figures for both sales and billing of online stores do not stop increasing. If you also want to open your own business online , you should know that it is much easier than it seems at first. Next, we explain a series of basic aspects that you should take into account.  technologyify

 5 tips to open an online store and be successful

Domain and hosting

One of the first things you should do in the process of opening an online store is to choose a good domain. Both the name of the store in question and the domain should be easy to remember and write , taking into account who your target audience is . Of course, they must be descriptive, indicating what the business activity is. worldbeautytips

As for web hosting, you must find a provider that offers you guarantee and quality . Remember that the speed of the online store is essential, both for users and for Google. So do not skimp on expenses in this regard because cheap can end up being very expensive. The hosting company must guarantee enough space for the online store, a good connection speed and technical service 24 hours a day. technologyford

Simple navigation and images

Today's users don't have a single second to waste. Therefore, you should make things as easy as possible for them. Navigation in the store must be simple and intuitive , so that with just three clicks you can reach any section of the store . techiesin

Of course, you must take great care of the images of the products and / or services that you have for sale. Surely very few users would be encouraged to buy an item whose image is blurred and of poor quality. In the online world, where users make their purchases according to the description and image of the product and / or service, it is essential to take care of these aspects. technologyies

Payment methods

One of the aspects that current users value the most when choosing a certain online store is the number of payment methods available. The bank transfer and credit card are essential, but also can add others. The PayPal payment gateway is an excellent option, as well as the Bizum service .


Working on Content Marketing in your online store will be one of the great keys to success for several reasons. First of all, because a well-kept corporate blog will make your store climb positions in Google search results.

And, secondly, because this platform will help you attract customers and retain them in the long term. Let's give a simple example: let's imagine that the activity of the store is the sale of kitchen accessories . Perhaps there is a user interested in knowing how to prepare a cheese cake, and you on the blog explain how to do it in a simple way with a mixer that you have for sale in your store, they will surely be very interested in buying it.

Quality seal

And finally, taking into account that more and more people are interested in buying online and that competition in the e-commerce sector increases every day, it is important to offer a competitive advantage. At Anexia Consultoría we help you obtain the recognition of your clients by implementing the Quality Management System to stand out from your competitors.

In addition, at Anexia Technologies we design and develop tailor-made solutions for you, guaranteeing maximum confidence and security throughout the project.


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